Pime – Description

Drawing my painting
Waa, the Painting is Alive!

PIME – the Mechanical Painting Puzzle, third NoWayPuzzle.

Limited series of #30 Pieces

Target: Remove the square. Arrange the four bigger pieces so that you can extract the central square.

Materials: Laser cutted and colored poplar and birch plywoods. The frontal paint is realized with fluid painting technique called acrylic pouring. Each paint is different and has different colors and schemes. The paint is protected by several layers of glass-like finishing

You can choose your favourite one, or even request your personalized colors.

Dimensions: 23x18x2.5 cm

Moves: 75

Difficulty: 9/10 NoWayPuzzle scale

Contact me for more info at nowaypuzzle@gmail.com or on Instagram ‘NoWayPuzzle

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The Puzzle is completely Hand Crafted in Italy: the whole process require a whole week. Handmade products can present very little imperfections which makes them more than unique.


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