December 2020 with first release of Gearly Puzzle.

Who is NoWay Puzzle?

Hand Crafted Luxury and Tricky Puzzles Creator Brand by Cristian Poliziani, Italy.

NoWayPuzzle currently distributes his products mainly to International trusted sellers.


Cristian Poliziani.

Cristian conceives, designs, produces, checks and sells NoWayPuzzles, with precious help of his girlfriend Chiara. All the products are rigorously hand made and this makes every piece unique.

  • Disseminate the art of both creating and attempting tricky puzzles
  • Stimulate people to follow his passion and concretize their ideas
  • Enhance hand crafted product

Design meaning and criteria

  • Differentiate as much as possible from standard puzzles and try to create always something unique on the market
  • Simple looking puzzles, with eyes-catching aesthetic and colors, which seems impossible to solve at the same time. Showcase objects with good, well finished and treated materials. Durable items and hours of fun
  • Tricky puzzles of various typologies for experienced puzzlers, but still enjoyable for all people and always with a feasible logical solution. A pleasant and intrigue complexity to share with friends.
  • Puzzle will not be released until are not improved at maximum capacity under every point of view, and tested by many trusted and different level of expertise puzzlers. Prefer to put many many efforts on less puzzles, than viceversa.


My greatest contentment is that NoWayPuzzle products are doing its part on supporting some local shops during this difficult period.
NoWayPuzzle try to avoid as much as possible the usage of non-recyclable materials for both production, packaging and shipment, and NoWayPuzzle products are meant to last indefinitely.

Future projects

Cristian is very happy for feedbacks of his products and will continue producing more and more difficult puzzles in the future. The future can reserve collaborations, kick-starter campaigns and other interesting projects.
Some spoilers regarding next puzzles: we’ll have a very cool logical sliding puzzle soon, and successively a Gearly-style puzzle. Cristian is also currently working on some others very special puzzle which will surprise you.

Background of Cristian

Cristian has 26 years old and always loved mathematical and logical games since he was a child. He has a MS in Civil Engineer with honors and he’s currently concluding his Ph.D in Transportation Engineering at University of Bologna, Italy. Cristian started designing puzzles after his six months of research period in San José, California, on July 2020.

How Cristian became passionate to puzzles

Puzzles passion for Cristian rapidly grown thanks to italian and international Puzzle reviewers and disseminators like Chris Ramsay, Mr.Puzzle, Jack Nobile, The Puzzle Guy, Puzzling Time, HydeMagician and so on.

Why Cristian started designing puzzles

The main motivation for Cristian was to concretize his intrigued ideas as well as the knowledge of design software and materials which allowed him to design and produce puzzles by itself. Silicon Valley was very inspirational for him to decide starting a new Puzzle Brand on December 2020: NoWayPuzzle, who distributes Cristian Poliziani’s puzzles mainly to trusted International sellers. Anyway, it’s important to state that Cristian is currently doing this activity as an hobbyist during his little free time.

Socials and website

The NoWayPuzzle website aims at satisfy all puzzler curiosities as well as group puzzle reviews, photos and links to shops where to buy NoWayPuzzle products.
The NoWayPuzzle profile on instagram aims at showing the everyday life, updating the progresses, interacting with followers and publish high-quality puzzle photos.